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  • What the heck is KeyForge?!

    What the heck is KeyForge?!

    For awhile now we’ve been trying to come up with a handful of events which would be a good fit for the cafe. In doing so we’ve looked at a lot of different games and brainstormed about how we can make them fit as an ongoing thing here. KeyForge initially came out back in November and while we were hoping we could get the ball rolling with it, we didn’t really have the resources to get the word out. Now that a bit more time has passed and we’ve crossed a few more things off of our laundry list at the cafe (brand new lights!?!?) we’re going to be giving it a real shot & it just so happens that there will be a new set coming out in another couple weeks!

    So what actually is KeyForge?
    KeyForge is a card game that pits two players against one another in a race to unlock a vault of untold power, essentially the first player to gather the resources required to craft three keys wins the game. What is special about the game is that every single deck is one-of-a-kind; rather than buying individual cards and building your own deck (or copying one off the internet), KeyForge decks are generated by some mathematical wizardry that ensures each one is unique. At this point the natural reaction is to say “wait what?” To explain things a little further, the decks come pre-assembled and the card backs each have unique art to show that they belong together. Additionally, they are generated in such a way to guarantee that they are all playable at a relatively equal playing field.

    What about gameplay?
    After the initial novelty of the unique decks wore off the gameplay is what had us really engaged. KeyForge is really approachable and the game plays at a really fast pace while it ramps up in momentum. Each deck will always be made up of cards from three different factions, which have their own strengths and weaknesses, on your turn you pick one of those factions and may only play or activate cards from that faction until you pick a new one the following turn. From there you work your way up gathering power crystals which are used to forge the keys to the vault. Once you’ve managed to craft three of them with 18 crystals in total then you’ve claimed victory!

    Final thoughts...
    KeyForge is a faster card game than ones that I’m used to. Additionally, while there is room for one randomly generated deck to be “better” than another one, there’s no way to go out and handcraft it. The game feels a lot less about going out and buying the most expensive and popular cards and a lot more about learning the ins and outs of your deck and how it can manipulate the ebb and flow of the game.

    I’m excited to see if the game can gain traction, the card game market is pretty tough to get into but there’s a lot of room for innovation. Here at Bonus Round we’ll be hosting regular events starting May 30th (which coincides with the new set launch) and up until then we’ll be available to teach those that are interested in learning what it is all about including a learn-to-play event on May 26th.