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Welcome back to Wrathwood!

We are so excited to announce the return of our homebrewed Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Wrathwood!

To get everyone back into the story, and catch us up on what’s been happening in Wrathwood we’re posting news clippings from the Wrathwood Beacon.


Strange Happenings at the Border Continue

Written by Lilxi Copperspring

If nothing else, we can always count on the fact that life on the border of Wrathwood is never dull. Even as our little town of Last Stand/Last Hope rebuilds and recovers from the goblin attack of several weeks ago, the strange encounters have continued. A gnoll outbreak to the west drew several of our brave guild initiates to the mining town of Kranog’s aid; while still others had a run-in with a demon in a Wrathwood cave.

Last Stand’s Shields were first alerted to the gnoll problem when a brave band followed a mysterious dryad to a ravine where a young human girl was trapped. After fighting off a pair of displacer beasts, these heroes in training returned with the girl to Last Stand. She later disclosed to the Shields a chilling tale of a band of gnolls that tore through her village, killing all in their path. It has since been confirmed that she was the only survivor.

In the following week, two other parties had more direct run-ins with these gnolls, prompting the guild heads to offer a reward to any adventurer willing to join Karrak Runeshield and Aelar Galondel, two of Last Stand’s Shields, on a mission to hunt down the marauding band. The resulting party successfully prevented a demonic ritual that would have expanded the gnolls’ ranks, while a group of Shields from Kranog wiped out enough of the beasts that the threat seems to have been neutralised for now.

Demonic rituals seem to be in the air though. Around this same time, another group of guild initiates exploring a Wrathwood cave near Last Stand came across the grisly ritual site of a completed summoning. They soon realized that the ceremony had indeed been successful, when the summoned demon attacked. After a brave battle, they were able to slay said demon, but as the only cultists present were those whose blood painted the walls of the cave, we remain uncertain as to the purpose of this ritual.

Was it an isolated incident? Were the slaughtered cultists part of a larger group? If so, what was their intention, and did they achieve it? As always, the Wrathwood leaves us with more questions than answers. Perhaps eventually we shall discover the truth, but in the meantime we can be grateful for the brave guild members and initiates that put their lives on the line as proud protectors of Broondis’ Last Hope.

Our campaign allows people to easily show up regardless of their familiarity with the game, and your characters will have progression as they build up their histories and their actions will have an impact on the world they live in! Additionally, we’re excited to have come up with a system that will allow players to show up when it works for them. Just because you miss out on a week of play shouldn’t mean that you feel like you’ll be left out in the future.

Players can bring a previous Wrathwood character or use one of our pre-generated characters. Each week’s in world events are happening at the same, so multiple characters will be required if you come more than once a week.

To celebrate Free RPG Day (Saturday 10/16, 12pm & 4pm) all Wrathwood participants will be able to choose a free RPG intro booklet and a set of dice!

Reserve your seat now! 


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