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Final Dispatch from the Wrathwood Beacon

Aid Requested From Local Guild Initiates

Written by Lilxi Copperspring

Plans are underway for a large-scale attack against the giant boar terrorizing Broondis. All Guilds have banded together to devise a plan to subdue the creature, if not eliminate it completely.

However, the items required to complete such a feat, are not easily come by. For this reason, the Guilds have issued a request for any adventurers or guild initiates who are looking for jobs to report to one of the guild houses as soon as possible.

Exact details have not been shared, but the Guilds have warned that jobs will require ventures into the Wrathwood and are likely to be very dangerous.

“All those who bravely step forward will be appropriately rewarded, both monetarily and with the thanks of all of Broondis,” said Chief Inspector, Chief Inspector. “And of course, the families of any who give their lives while aiding us, will also receive compensation.”

Missions will begin to be assigned in the next few days.

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