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Dispatch from the Wrathwood Beacon

Goblins: What are they up to?

Written by Lilxi Copperspring

Though goblins causing chaos is nothing new, their attack on Last Stand several weeks ago was an unprecedented show of hostility. Normally, these tribes content themselves with attacking lightly guarded caravans and smaller villages, therefore the fact that they strayed from this self-protective modus operandi speaks either to a worrying spike in aggression or an act of desperation. But which is it?

Based on various sources inside Last Stand guilds, even the items the goblins have been after are puzzling. Where normally they would steal food and weapons, all recent goblin raids have resulted in the loss of tools and random items, such as wagon wheels. Though it has yet to be confirmed, it is rumored that these pieces are being used to build some sort of machine meant to protect them from a “great foe.”

Unconfirmed sources have also been circulating tales of guild initiates who have spoken peacefully with a few of these goblins. According to these stories, the machine is not meant to be an act of aggression against us, but some large beast roaming the Wrathwood. There have even been murmurings of forming an alliance with the goblins against this unnamed terror, but there is still no official word from The Naturalists as to what this creature may be.

In the midst of all these rumors backed with so few confirmed facts, the question remains: What exactly are the Wrathwood goblins up to? And until that can be answered: Should we be building a stronger defense of our own?

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