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Dispatch from the Wrathwood Beacon

Cultists Spark War With Fey?

Written by Lilxi Copperspring

A boar the size of a house has been wreaking destruction in and around Farmstead. According to several Last Stand inhabitants, it was summoned to our plane by The Lord of Blight and Blossom, a powerful ruler of the Feywild. The reason for this apparent attack is currently unclear, but is rumored to be connected to recent cultist activity. 

It is believed that this is the same boar some Last Stand inhabitants reported seeing the night of the goblin attack. It is also thought to be the giant boar that took the life of guild initiate, Mugg Pigiron.

Those who came into contact with the boar on those occasions, report that weapons are not effective against the creature. Thamir Moon Whisper, a local druid with The Naturalists, who has been mentioned in events connected to the summoning of the boar, is reported to have said that the creature is undefeatable.

Moon Whisper’s exact involvement is still uncertain, but it has been speculated amongst the Guilds that she may be in league with the cultists, as this is not the first time she has been on the peripheries of their actions. Sources from the night in question, though, claim that she was trying to stop them.

The Shields have been unable to question Moon Whisper on these events, as she has not been seen since the night of the summoning. A search is underway, but so far there are no leads.

Some have speculated that the boar is the “great foe” the goblins have been building a machine to fight. Discussion of sending a representative to them in hopes of obtaining additional information is underway between The Shields and The Scouts.

The Shields are also reportedly in talks with The Naturalists about building a weapon of their own with which to defend Last Stand, but no plans have as yet been released.

Until more is known about the nature of the boar, it is advised that anyone coming into contact with it does not engage it, and instead hides or runs away.

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