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Top 5 games to make your friends hate you!

We always laugh when a table of friends asks for a game recommendation eagerly exclaiming “We want to hate each other!”

For those of you scheming in the shadows waiting for the next opportunity to stab your bestie in the back… we’ve got just the list of games for you.

Cosmic Encounter [Fantasy Flight] – Over 40 years old and Cosmic Encounter is still an absolute classic game of interstellar space conflict. It packs probably the widest and wackiest array of space-faring alien species of all games out there. The goal is to claim five colonies, which sounds easy but when literally everyone else is trying to sabotage you it gets tricky. The moment you think you’ve found a new ally is the moment that they turn the tables on you.

Fuji Flush [Stronghold] – A somewhat obscure card game that comes in a tiny box but is surprisingly petty… really really petty. The cards are numbered one through twenty and you’re trying to get rid of them all UNO style, but if anyone ever plays higher card and “flushes” yours you must draw one to replace it. Things get intense once folks start teaming up and making risky moves.

Munchkin [Steve Jackson] – The iconic game of kicking down doors and escaping with loot. Munchkin probably has the most potential for someone to actually hate you after the dust finally settles.

Survive: Escape from Atlantis [Stronghold] – Another oldie-but-goodie! There’s an island with treasure on it and all of the treasure hunters are on the island, what could go wrong? Well for starters the island is sinking into the ocean, there’s sharks and sea monsters and there’s a volcano about to explode. Flee for the shore as your opponents control the hungry sharks which are ready to take a big chomp outta your treasure hunters!

Villainous [Ravensburger] – The name says it all, who can be the most sinister Disney villain? Villainous knocks it out of the park both in terms of theme and gameplay. Whether you’re playing as Scar, Ursula, or any of the other cast of characters each has their own uniquely devious plot. If you’re feeling particularly spiteful you can even unleash a fate card on your nemesis at the table and set them back. There’s even a Marvel villains themed set that just came out which we’re looking forward to getting played.

Honorable mention: Ticket to Ride [Days of Wonder] – While not a particularly evil game, it always has that one moment where someone puts their trains out on the board and everyone else immediately screams, “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?!?!”

Let us know what your favorite ‘friendship ruiners’ are!


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