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Welcome to… Wrathwood!

For the past few months here at Bonus Round, we’ve been running Dungeons and Dragons one-shot nights. People, many of which who had never played the game before, have been coming out and having a great time with us telling stories and completing epic quests. Even before Bonus Round was open, folks have been requesting that we host D&D and we’re excited to say that nearly every single event we’ve done so far has sold out! One of the best parts of these one shots was that we could have a full story neatly wrapped up in a single night’s session. However, that also meant that we were never able to continue developing those stories or the characters that starred in them. That being the case, Dungeons & Dragons has always been something that we hoped to continue expanding on…

That time has finally come!

Beginning in January of 2020 we’ll be launching a fairly ambitious project, Wrathwood! Wrathwood will be a living, breathing Dungeons and Dragons world created entirely from scratch by the staff and patrons (friends) of Bonus Round. The stories we create together here won’t be available anywhere else. We’ve already put a lot of work into planning the foundations and creating content and will continue to do so over the coming months.

Just as before with our one-shots, our campaign will allow for people to easily show up regardless of their familiarity with the game, but now your characters will have more progression as they build up their histories and their actions will have an impact on the world they live in! Additionally, we’re excited to have come up with a system that will allow players to show up when it works for them. Just because you miss out on a week of play shouldn’t mean that you feel like you’ll be left out in the future.


Wrathwood is a world past the brink of disaster and the last bastions of civilization are barely hanging on. Centuries ago there was a war between the gods and Selver, the deity of nature, was wiped from existence. Without Selver to look over it and keep it in check, the Wrathwood expanded at an explosive rate. Like a garden without a gardener the world is now largely covered by overgrowth of all sorts. 

As nature ran rampantly out of control it had a corrupting effect on the flora and fauna of the world and many creatures have exhibited aberrant mutations. Many believe that the wanton use of arcane magics has only further fueled the chaos which surrounds the world.

As civilization and governments collapsed, the four guilds (Scouts / Riggers / Naturalists and The Shield) formed. Each tasked with a specific set of responsibilities these guilds now work together to secure a future for the citizens of Portsuna.

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