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2019 Holiday Shopping Guide – Gifts $20 and Under

While these are just some of our favorite $20 and under gifts, we have many more in stock and our Game Guides would love to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list. 

Stay tuned for more holiday gift guides this week! 

Exit & Unlock!

Exit & Unlock! are two games from two different publishers with the same goal – create an escape room experience in a box.

Exit games are designed as a one shot deal, there may be folding, cutting, tearing, etc involved in order to solve the puzzles. Unlock! games are re-settable which makes them a great ongoing gift – once you finish it, you can pay it forward to someone else to enjoy!


Designed by a Chicago-land native, this is a NSFW party game about figuring out the usually naughty phrase based on the emojis on the card. For example, what could 👢 + 🍑 mean?

Fuji Flush

Fuji Flush is a modern card game with a classic feel to it! It’s great for up to 8 players and all ages as it’s simple to learn and quick to play. You’re trying to be the first to score all 6 cards in your hand. You can “team up” with other players to ensure your cards will score, or play the highest card and “flush” cards belonging to other players.

Flip City

A big game in a little box! Flip City takes the deckbuilding mechanic and puts a twist on it with double-sided cards. The cards in your deck represent all sorts of buildings in your city, you’ll buy & flip cards as you add more to your deck and improve your city.

12 Days

Based on the popular song 12 Days of Christmas, this trick-taking game is perfect for everyone. Players are trying to play the lowest card each round to win the current holiday card. In addition, you’re also trying to craft a hand of the most gifts of one kind in order to score points based on the value of the gift.


We’re celebrating Small Business Saturday on 11/30 by offering 10% off all retail game & game accessory purchases, and all game purchases over $50 (after discount, before tax) will receive a free copy of locally designed & published Foodtown Throwdown!


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