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Publisher: Indie Boards & Cards | Designer: Jake Tlapek & David Fulton

Who it’s for: Aspiring gang leaders looking hire the most lackeys and steal the most wealth

Plays: 2-4 players, 30 minutes

Grifters has been getting played A LOT here recently! It hits most of the criteria that makes a title fit well in the cafe setting, it is quick to teach, builds upon itself as it goes and has strategy that is easy to understand but keeps players interacting with one another the whole way through. Players are all leaders of rival gangs, recruiting henchmen and sending them out to complete missions and pilfer money.

Grifters is essentially a hand management game, all the cards represent a different member of your gang and they each have unique abilities. Once you play cards it will take you a few turns to get them back as it takes time for your lackeys to finish performing their tasks. There is no honor among thieves and neither is there in this game as you will inevitably steal a considerable amount of money from the other players at the table in addition to getting cash from the bank. Grifters has been a big hit here, and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out you should definitely give it a shot!


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