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Tokyo Highway

Publisher: Itten | Designer: Naotaka Shimamoto

Who it’s for: Fans of Jenga, spatial planning and photogenic games!

Plays: 2-4 players, 30 minutes

Tokyo is well known for its convoluted overlapping highway infrastructure. In Tokyo Highway, players reconstruct this by using popsicle sticks, columns of disks, and some handy tweezers to build an interwoven road structure of their own on the table. Besides the classic Operation what other game comes with Tweezers!?!

You score points (cars), by placing underpasses and overpasses in relation to your opponents’ roads. The first player to use all of their cars wins but be careful because if you knock things over you’ll be penalized. Tokyo Highway does a great job of introducing some really interesting strategy to a lighthearted dexterity game. This has become a mainstay at the cafe largely due to how great it looks on the table, any game that has a three dimensional component always tends to stand out. Our staff quickly latched on to this game and it has become a favorite, swing by the cafe and let one of us teach it to you!


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