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Tiny Towns

Publisher: AEG | Designer: Peter McPherson

Who it’s for: Fans of city building, Tetris and shouting at your opponents for not picking the color you needed!

Plays: 1-6 players, 45 minutes

AEG has been consistently releasing some blockbuster games for the last couple of years, most notably Mystic Vale & Space Base and they’ve done it yet again with Tiny Towns, one of 2019’s hit games! In Tiny Towns players take turns nominating a resource cube for everyone at the table to receive. If you ever manage to place your cubes in a pattern that matches one of the building plans you can immediately construct that building and add it to your town. The buildings all incentivize you to plan ahead since they all benefit you in a variety of ways; however, those plans tend to go awry since you cannot predict what cubes other players will nominate. Tiny Towns plays at a variety of player counts, is incredibly fast to teach, and has a ton of replayability; all of which combine to make it a perfect fit for the cafe environment.


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