About Us

About Us

We love board games and believe in their power to bring people together and want to share that with as many people as possible! We strive to create a welcome environment for those not familiar to board games and to those who seek them out. Bonus Round Game Café will be a place where guests won’t feel judged for their lack of knowledge or skills, instead they come to our café for a little fun and encouragement.

“I tried playing board games with friends, but they never really clicked for me. Together for 4 years and just married Andrew and I were looking for new ways to spend quality time together. While on our honeymoon, we stumbled upon a board game café and into the world of 2 player board games. We were hooked! I finally found a game that I liked and had a “there’s a game even for me!” moment. We came home and wanted to share board games with our friends and family. Eventually we realized we wanted to help more people discover the fun in board games by hosting board game nights.” -Courtney

We’re currently building up our community by hosting pop-up learn to play game nights at a few different venues. You can find out where our next event will be, and help support us while we work on opening by visiting our Meetup Bonus Round Game Cafe Presents

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