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  • List : Courtney's GenCon 2016 hype post!

    List : Courtney's GenCon 2016 hype post!

    GenCon is almost here!

    There's so much to take in at a big convention like this, that it's really easy to miss out on some really cool stuff. We wanted to round up and highlight some of the games debuting or making appearances in prototype form for you guys to help narrow it down for you.

    I split my list up into 3 categories: Buy, Demo/Play and Check out, based on what I know about the games and my level of interest in them. Links all go to the Boardgame Geek page for the games so you can get some more info!


    These are the games I'm most excited for this year.

      • The Great Dinosaur Rush : APE Games I demoed this at GenCon last year, we Kickstarted it and will be picking it up this year. Very excited for this to come full circle like this!
      • Mystic Vale : AEG As a fan of deck builing games I'm VERY interested in this card crafting mechanism and what it can do. The art is also stellar.
    • Star Trek: Ascendancy Star Trek is one of my big loves and this game looks awesome. Most Trek games aren't great, so I'm really hopeful for this one, which looks like a mashup of Fleet Captains and Eclipse, two of my fave crunchy games. 
    • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Mummy's Mask base set : Paizo So we're still working through both Skull & Shackles and Wrath of the Righteous right now, but that does nothing to dampen my excitement for the next core set of one of our favorite games.


    These are games I'm pretty darn excited about, and after playing will probably become buys, if they're available for purchase at the show.

    Check out

    These are games that look interesting and I definitely want to see more of first hand, but aren't quite catching my full attention just yet.